Project On Demand

Our ambitious customer is aiming for lower cost, a positive environmental impact and increased customer satisfaction.

Project in short

250 households in Helsingborg, Sweden, with 500 4-section bins are testing SWIRP™ - Sensor Initiated Realtime Waste Collection. Bins are connected to a LoRaWAN network and unique collection routes are automatically created every day. Test will run during 2018 and evaluation will be done regarding what impact on consumption, recycling and costs? Project planning and evaluation will be done together with researcher at Lund University

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Develops a new and patented system enabling on demand waste collection for all types of waste bins.

Pioneer within waste management and responsible for testbed.

Responsible for LoRaWAN network

Responsible for evaluation of project

Bintel Position

Cost efficient asset tracking with LoRa technology. Our partner requires a system that gives an overview of the whereabouts of their waste containers. Bintel deliveres a cost efficient and reliable system for these types of applications.

Project in short

Tracking of assets is done in several applications. Within waste management, the Bintel positioning system brings overview and control. This equals savings in time and money.
A trial is done in Lund together with LRV where low cost tracking with LoRa technology is applied.
Test will run during 2018

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Develops a new and cost efficient system for Asset Tracking.

Awarded most sustaible city of Sweden 2017

Strengthens Sweden as a country of research and innovation.

Future by Lund is an innovation platform for development of sustainable and attractive cities.

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