Makes saving the world an easier option.

At Bintel we believe that the future is a brighter place.

The entire world is moving forward and with every passing day our responsibility as humans increases. At Bintel we have decided to play our part by creating a system for waste management which not only simplifies day to day life but also helps municipals reach their financial goals.

We are a team of individuals who want to improve the quality of the environment, our products and life, because we believe that we can make the future brighter together.

Bintel Position

Reduce costs from inefficient waste management.

Bintel Slider

Upgrade to waste collection on-demand. With the simple slide of a slider, a garbage truck will come and empty your waste container.

Bintel Position

With the help of a smart app and a user-friendly interface you are completely aware and in control of your waste management.

Bintel Level

Sensors fitted to underground  and public containers which rely on accurate level readings for optimal route planning.

Interested in creating a connected future?