No time to waste

In pursuit of bold climate goals, it's time for a groundbreaking change in waste management. Bintel offers the key to an automated and optimized future through actionable insights and recommendations.
With Bintel, you won't just be better - you'll be the best! It will save time, resources and most importantly, our planet.

Why Bintel

Bintel has proven over several years and together with several customers that it is possible to reduce the amount of Residual waste through a structured and continuous approach where actionable insights provide positive effects not only for the economy but also for our environment.

Acting on insights

Bintel Insights™ accelerates the circular transition by providing actionable insights and recommendations.

Reduce your environmental impact

Increased segregation reduces the amount of residual waste, as more materials are moved higher up the waste hierarchy. Get automatic, credible and data-driven sustainability reporting.

Reduce your costs

A structured and continuous work with increased sorting enables a cost reduction in the business with increased customer satisfaction as a result.

Bintel Insights™ is the center for digital insight-driven innovation. waste management

We want to streamline waste management thereby increasing circularity and improving resource utilisation. 


We collect insights, thoughts and feedback. Here we share some of them.


Bintel's solution works in a large number of applications, no challenge is too big for us.


We are happy to share our experiences and expertise.

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General conditions

  1. The information you provide about yourself when registering for the competition will be processed in order to administer the competition. In connection with the publication of the winners of the competition, personal data such as name, surname and company name will be published on the Internet. If you wish to request the correction of inaccurate personal data or for more information on the processing of your personal data, please contact us at the address given in point 3 below.
  2. By accepting these General Competition Conditions, you consent to the processing of personal data as set out above.
  3. Responsible for the competition is: Bintel AB, Lund.
  4. To participate in the competition, the company must be registered in Sweden and accept the rules of the competition.
  5. The winner of the competition will receive an installation of IoT devices in their bins in two Recycling room. The devices will be installed for 12 months, during which time Bintel will carry out an analysis of the dimensioning of the bins and one on their sorting. After 12 months, the units will be dismantled by Bintel, unless other arrangements are made separately.
  6. The winner will be selected, unless otherwise stated, by a jury consisting of Bintel's CEO, CTO and CSO. The jury's decision cannot be appealed and the jury does not have to justify its decision.
  7. The prize is personal and cannot be transferred to another company or person.
  8. The winner will be informed personally by phone, letter or e-mail. It is not possible to exchange the prize for cash or any other service. The winner is responsible for paying any taxes arising from the prize.

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