News: Good results after one month of more efficient waste collection

On 25 May, the "Smart bins" project has been running for a month and already the effect can be seen in a reduced number of emptying, thanks to the sensors that communicate when the bins are full.

- We couldn't have wished for a better start," says Jennie Orton of Bintel.

In the first phase, the refuse truck makes the same round as before, but if the bins are not full enough, but are deemed to be ready for the next run, the environmental area in question is taken off the list and the truck moves on to the next one where the fill rate is sufficiently high. When in a Recycling room all containers are emptied.

- It's going in the right direction. We are seeing a reduction in the number of emptying operations and have had very few comments from the customers involved in the project," says Per Gunnarsson, project manager at SSAM.

From Bintel's side, they have been out with the cars to get feedback directly from the drivers, which has been appreciated by both parties. After the summer, when the project enters phase 2, the routes will be optimised and controlled based on the data received.

- Thereare so many parameters to look at to optimise the system," explains Jennie Orton.

For this to work, you also need to take into account the experience of the drivers, such as how much a car can do in a day. The fill rate also differs between the different days of the week and the system needs to take both of these factors into account so that there are not too many emptying operations on the same day. Much remains to be done, but after the first month, everyone involved agrees that the project looks very promising.

-At the moment we are working on trimming, but the trend is that we will achieve good results
says Jennie Orton.

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