Solution Overview

bintel offers you not only the actual sensors to put on your containers, but also an easy to use platform and APPs for use in the field. 

The SENSORS can be retro-fitted on any container type and throuhg the bintel BRAIN you can monitor the day to day development of the fill-level and get statistics, analytics, or suggestions on how to optimize your operations. For your team in the field bintel has developed the bintel GO APP where containers that are needed your attention will be highlighted for fast reaction time, or to act on ToDo list generated through the planning system. To reach your customer (the citizen), that use the container, bintel is also offering bintel NUDGING APP (release first half 2021), where you can communicate with, and encourage, each user to for example better recycling behaviours or to sell additional services.   

bintel BRAIN - Analytics & Optimizations

The bintel platform BRAIN is the center in the datadriven waste management. It is an easy to use, open data provider for waste management. Waste levels, pick-up-requests and other smart data can be reviewed for in-depth analytics and optimizations. Easy integration of data to your internal IT infrastructure is done using API. 

bintel GO is an App providing mobile access to bintel’s system targeted for those who work in the field such as deployment-, service- and operations personnel. Works on both IOS och Android.

bintel CIRCLE is an App where you can interact and impact your customers behaviours based on data.


bintel SLIDER - Subjective sensor

SLIDER – sometimes human beats technology concerning level sensing. And, sometimes involving people in waste collection has a huge impact on the required collection rate. The unique and patented SLIDER does all that.

LEVEL sensors – featured with the latest laser and radar technology, are able to address the widest possible type of waste containers for robust measurements and automatic pick-up requests.

bintel LEVEL - Objective sensor