Every waste bin can become Bintelligent

bintel level sensor


bintel slider sensor


Waste management shouldn't have to be guesswork

Our development team has extensive experience in the waste management industry. In other words, we’re no strangers to the challenges you’re going through. We offer smart IoT solutions that level-up your waste management process. Using the data collected through our smart sensors you can:

1. Optimize your existing pick up schedules using historic and real time data
2. Use an on-demand waste collection process based on real time sensor data

If you’re looking to add more precision to your processes, we’ve got you covered.

Bintels different sensors kan be retrofitted on all objects above, which means that Bintel can improve effiency in waste flows such as:

  • Apartment buildings with waste in 370-660 liters bins and Underground Waste Systems
  • Households with waste in 190-370 liters bins. Our system is working for 1-Fraction, 2-Fraction and 4-Fraction systems.
  • Construction / Demolition with waste in open containers
  • Metal and scrap recycling in open containers
  • Frying oil collection from restaurants
  • Waste baskets in cities
  • Recycling in containers and igloss at recycling stations
  • Industry and production – measure waste levels in both bins and containers
  • Offices and Facility management