bintel BRAIN

Analytics and Optimizations

The bintel platform BRAIN is the center in your data driven waste management. It is an easy to use, open data provider for waste management. 

Waste levels, pick-up-requests and other smart data can be reviewed for in-depth analytics and optimizations. 
Easy integration of data to your internal IT infrastructure is done using API.


  • Translates sensor data into smart data based on container type, pick-up location, waste fraction etc.
  • Shows you the fill level of all containers
  • Shows you the historic data for your containers
  • Allows you to plan ahead basesd on estimated time for when the container is full again
  • The pick-up requests is automatically sent to your ToDo list enabling you to plan your operations
  • Statistical data can be used to optimize your operations
  • Easy to use interface allowing you to review and plan

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