Just-in-time waste collection using laser-powered level readings

bintel LEVEL is the sensor that allows the pick-up truck to always arrive just in time. Using cutting-edge sensors and laser technology, we access public, remote, or for example, underground bins that are hard to reach. We are making sure that you are not collecting half-empty containers and that overflowing bins are a problem of the past. Some of our café and restaurant customers also have begun using bintel LEVEL to keep track of oil and fat bins.

How does it work?

bintel LEVEL

Our retro-fitted sensors use laser technology to perform accurate level readings. When the sensors detect a certain level, they communicate through bintel BRAIN to automatically send a pick-up signal to your waste management system.

The wireless pick-up signal can travel great distances, either through a LoRaWAN™ network or using NBIoT technology. Sensor data can be linked to your waste management system through bintel BRAIN, allowing you to use the data, e.g. for route planning or invoicing.

bintel LEVEL also includes sensors that track temperature and container movement.

Benefits of just-in-time waste collection:

• Increase container control
• Use data for smarter route planning
• Reduce emissions from garbage trucks
• Engage employees through digital tools
• Reach environmental and financial goals more easily

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