User generated
when the bin is full

A unique way to engage end-users in the waste collection process

Have you ever wished that you could plan waste collection routes based on real user needs? Or that the same pick-up truck could drive a smoother, more extended route with fewer starts and stops?

bintel SLIDER is an innovative, patented alternative to set waste collection schedules. Think of it as a light switch that allows homeowners to notify waste collectors of full waste containers quickly and comfortably. The SLIDER is also a way to help citizens understand how they can benefit from decreasing the amount of waste they produce.

bintel SLIDER can be used in waste streams for;

  • Household bins
  • Open containers
  • Front- and backloaded containers
  • Garden waste

How does it work?

bintel SLIDER

Our patented slider mechanism is easy to retro-fit to the domestic waste containers in your area. When a homeowner activates the SLIDER on the waste container, your waste management system receives an automatic pick-up signal.

The wireless pick-up signal can travel great distances, either through a LoRaWAN™ network or using NBIoT technology. The SLIDER uses bintel BRAIN to communicate with your waste management system, allowing you to use the data, e.g. for route planning or invoicing.

Benefits of user-powered waste collection:

• Increase container control
• Use data for smarter route planning
• Reduce emissions from garbage trucks
• Engage end-users and give them more control
• Reach environmental and financial goals more easily

Want to know more about user-powered waste collection?

A real-life Slider story

During 2018, we asked 400 households in Helsingborg, Sweden, to put our Slider technology to the test. In total, we connected 500 4-section bins to a LoRaWAN™ network that automatically created unique collection routes every day.

Together with researchers at Lund University, we evaluated how our technology impacted consumption, recycling and costs. The result? We are happy to say that we managed to decrease NSR’s waste collection frequency by 40 %.

“bintel is a competent and perceptive partner offering smart solutions to our challenges. We work in a low-tech industry focused on cost efficiency and user-friendly solutions. Bintel’s innovations are exactly what we and our smart and environmentally conscious customers need.”


Swipe for Zero

In 2018, Järnmalmer was named Metal Recycler and Scrap Dealer of the year. One year later they became the first company in Sweden to offer their container customers climate compensated on-demand recycling. They call it “Swipe for Zero”.

Järnmalmer has equipped all of the company’s containers with a Bintel Slider. With an easy swipe, customers can now quickly get their containers emptied. Thanks to our smart technology, all recycling information is available online. What we really appreciate about Järnmalmer is that they also recycle all materials and climate compensate all CO2 emissions.

Read more about Järnmalmer’s journey towards zero waste: