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Stating the obvious.

In a modern society with consumer-adapted lifestyles we have streamlined our everyday lives with everything from smartphones to smart TVs. Still, the infrastructure on which we rely has not met the modernization that we are so accustomed to today. It’s time to upgrade to waste collection on demand.

Notifies waste collectors of full waste containers, on-demand.

It is as easy as it sounds.

If every person ordered waste collection when in need instead of waiting for the garbage truck to arrive at set times we could make everyday life easier for everyone, both citizens and waste collectors. This would in turn help cities reach their environmental goals, as this optimization reduces unnecessary emissions from garbage trucks and creates a more evenly distributed waste collection.

Plans optimal routes for waste collection.

Designed to make a big impact in the world. Not the environment.

At Bintel we constantly think about what impact our products have on the environment. We are aware that the impact continues even after the end of their lifecycles. Because of this, every product that we create is constructed to endure the test of time, limiting the production quantity to the necessary minimum.

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