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Man's footprint on earth has long been the subject of discussion. In this discussion, waste has gained more and more space, and Bintel is now facing a paradigm shift. The industry is now making its journey from an analog reality to a digital one.

Bintel and the industry

Waste Management Industry is a cool industry, linked to large resources, great environmental impact and with a focus that is often at the forefront if you have the best interests of the earth in mind.

At the same time, it has fallen behind in the digital race that is going on, collecting waste is basically done the same way now as it has been done in the last half century – scheduled, regardless of the variations that the waste flow actually exhibits. In this way, the industry often becomes reactive, costly and inefficient.

It was in this reality that the founders of Bintel met, a meeting where many years of experience from the waste industry were intertwined with the pioneering spirit of digital communication. From this, insights and a vision of the technological shift that is bound to happen. A shift that welcomes the waste industry into the digital world. 

A world where a previously impossible task is suddenly entirely possible.

We at Bintel are humbled by the challenges and change facing the industry, and are grateful to be a part of this. Bintel's journey has given us invaluable lessons and industry knowledge, which has given us the opportunity to take a unique role in the eco-system of solutions and companies that are now being shaped around the industry's digitalization. Our insights will help our customers see the tangible value of data, and how this can change and develop their businesses. 

We at Bintel work hard to digitize the waste industry together with our customers, so that we gradually eliminate inefficiencies, create savings and reduce the industry's CO₂ footprint to an absolute minimum.

It's high time. In order to achieve tough climate goals, our waste management must become more automated and optimized. With Bintel, you can get better!

It will save time, resources and most importantly, our planet.

No time to waste.

Bintel and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the SDGs are the most ambitious sustainable development agenda ever adopted by the world's nations. 

At Bintel, we have chosen to link our business strategy "No time to Waste" directly to the UN's Global Development Goals by developing solutions that directly link to a more sustainable waste management. We at Bintel are working hard, together with our customers, to digitise the waste industry, so that step by step we eliminate inefficiencies, create savings and reduce the industry's CO₂ footprint to an absolute minimum. We're so brave, we dare to say we by 2030 have:

  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 3,000,000 tons annually
  • Enabled growing cities without increasing pressure on ecosystems

How we work with the Global Goals

The Global Goals are divided into 17 different sustainability goals. As a greentech company, we at Bintel have the opportunity to make a real difference. Of the 17 goals, we have the opportunity to actively work on 5. The goals that are particularly close to our core business - and where we can make the most difference - are goals 8, 9, 11, 12, and 13.

These are incredibly ambitious goals set by the UN and they are about our common future. Bintel is digitising the waste industry to create sustainable flows for waste management.

We all, together, need to act and make an immediate difference for the climate. Bintel wants to contribute by developing unique, intelligent digital solutions, which reduce littering and increase sorting and circularity. In this way, we can contribute to a more sustainable environment and future. For businesses, society, people and for our planet.

What have we achieved so far?

Bintel's solutions help reduce CO2 emissions in several ways. Major savings are found in the areas of: reduced heavy traffic and lower production and service needs of heavy traffic. However, the biggest CO2 savings lie in Bintel's solutions for influencing people and their behaviour in terms of source separation and reduction of Residual waste.

We are demonstrating dramatic impacts in many different parts of the waste industry. One segment where the impact is most evident is when apartment buildings Recycling room undergo the Bintel transformation process. The environmental impact there can be described so far with the following figures per Recycling room

  • 40% reduction in Residual waste 
  • Estimated CO2 reduction of about 3 tonnes annually.


What happens now at Bintel?

Working on the SDGs is an ongoing process. Our work is far from finished. There is much more to do to contribute to the transition to a sustainable society. 

The next step for us is, among other things, the further development of our solution aimed at businesses that want to learn how to use data to improve, change and increase their source sorting, those who work with circular transition, including through our 'digitalization journey' service. We will also continue to be involved in innovation projects. It is an exciting journey towards a better world!

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