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Bintel in Denmark – Vestforbrændingen wants residents of apartment buildings to sort out more. To do this, they will use Bintel's solution, welcoming décor and maybe a little nudging.

With sensors, intelligent management, guiding communication and a more welcoming design of waste rooms – and perhaps some competitions – they at Vestforbrænngen will increase sorting and reduce residual waste in the residential areas of the owner municipalities.


Bintel and Inission Syd AB have entered into a manufacturing agreement.

Bintel AB and Inission Syd AB have entered into a manufacturing agreement whereby manufacturing of Bintel's products in Inission's factory in Malmö will begin in March. The deal is worth about 4 MSEK the first 12 months.


Household waste: More is sorted correctly compared to a year ago

Inge Gustavsson and Johan Paulsson, housing manager and technical manager respectively, are deeply involved in Helsingborgshem's efforts to get more people to sort their household waste correctly.


From residual waste to recyclable resources

Vestforbrænding uses experiences from projects with Glostrup Forsyning in an ambitious project aimed at creating more recycling.


Brilliant results for new approach in garbage rooms

Much better source separation and a sharp reduction in residual waste are the results of a collaboration being tested in a Recycling room in Höganäs.


Svevia reduces littering with smart litter bins.

With sensors that signal the degree of filling, the number of emptying operations has been more than halved in the Farsta and Skarpnäck areas, while littering has been reduced.


On-demand collection of waste containers

A sub-project within Diaccess has been the need-based emptying of waste bins where the waste bins in the environmental rooms call for emptying. See the full movie about the sub-project and how it has gone.


Development projects in Växjö

A development project is now underway in Växjö, where the bins in the environmental rooms will call the garbage trucks when they are full, instead of the routes being controlled by date-based driving schedules.


New partner

Kalmar Energi and Bintel, have started a collaboration to promote smart waste management in the region and contribute to a more sustainable future.


19 lively litter bins to bring order to Lidingö.

Litter has not decreased on Lidingö in recent years - most of it is found on the southwest coast of the island. Now, sensitive trash cans will create order.


Measuring waste to reduce costs

In collaboration with NSR and Bintel, Helsingborgshem is testing measuring the amount of waste in ten Recycling room in as many areas in Helsingborg. The aim is to reduce costs and get more people to sort their waste.


Record cost of waste management

For almost two years, SSAM has been testing a new system based on AI technology. A sensor in the bins tells them when they need to be emptied, so cars only have to leave when the bin is full, rather than at fixed times.


Innovation project 'Smart bins' delivered results beyond expectations

A new era for waste management has begun with the "Smart bins" innovation project. The 18-month pilot project is now completed and the objectives set have been achieved by far. In addition, the AI technology used in the project has been found to be operational in real life.


Connecting waste bins for better recycling

The environment gains from better waste sorting. In the recycling system, too much waste is burned that could be recycled. 90 % of the emissions from burning of residual waste is caused by the unnecessary amount of plastic waste not being sorted.


Expensive to throw rubbish in Residual waste

Incorrectly sorted waste costs the municipal company Helsingborgshem a lot of money, and for several years the cost of waste management has increased by about two million per year. Now they want all tenants to become better at sorting to reduce costs.


Bintel closes new investment round

As an impact company, we raised a new investment round of 14 million to scale up our business in smart digital solutions for the waste industry. Investors include Almi Invest Greentech and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).


Helsingborgshem is investing to overcome incorrect waste sorting.

Much of the waste is not sorted or is sorted incorrectly in several of Helsingborgshem's Recycling room. This is not only bad for the environment but also costs a lot of money. Therefore, Helsingborgshem is now taking a number of measures to overcome the problem.


Reducing environmental impact with sensors in waste bins

Sensors in rest area waste containers limit and optimize the number of emptying rounds to rest areas, according to a new pilot project.


Sensors keep track of garbage rooms - after a successful test, all bins are digitized.

Waste bins are equipped with a sensor that alerts you if the bin is full. Höganäshem's Anders Nordberg believes that this could be somewhat revolutionary. The housing company is now equipping 550 bins with digital sensors.


The housing company Höganäshem is the first player in Sweden to invest in full-scale digitization of all its Recycling room.

In a collaboration with Bintel and NSR, Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB, a total of 40 Recycling room and 550 containers will now be equipped with level measuring sensors. By monitoring how quickly the different types of waste fill the bins, physical efforts in combination with level measurement can be made to avoid overfilled bins, littering and unnecessary quantities Residual waste.


Smart waste management

One of the first sub-projects of the SOM project explored how IoT can be used to transform the waste industry. The company Bintel tested whether sensors can be used to position municipal waste containers and also to measure the level of waste containers.


Demand-driven emptying of waste bins creates security

In a report published by Keep Sweden Tidy, the results show that people's trust and confidence in various social actors can be damaged by littering occurring in the public outdoor environment. This, in turn, can also affect what feels unsafe in the residential area, the local area and society as a whole.


The sustainable society

Many bins are far from full when they are emptied - but new technologies are changing this. See how smart sensors and connectivity can help us create a more sustainable society.


Digital initiative in Recycling room in Mölndal

In a collaboration between Mölndalsbostäder, Bintel and the City of Mölndal, waste levels will be measured in some 20 Recycling room at Mölndalsbostäder.


Good results after one month of more efficient garbage collection

- We couldn't have asked for a better start," says Jennie Orton of Bintel.


1400 bins are emptied demand-driven

A quarter of all waste bins in multi-family houses and businesses in Växjö have been fitted with level meters, which are connected via Wexnet's Lorawan network to Bintel's technical platform. When the containers at a collection point have reached a certain level, the system calculates when it is most optimal for the garbage truck to arrive.


New Swedish Solutions that Simplify Recycling

Why are waste bins equipped with e-smart sensor devices beneficial for the environment?


Digital Recycling room a winner

An environmental project at Höganäshem shows that sensors in the waste bins have resulted in 40 percent less waste. The company is now digitizing all its Recycling room.


Digital initiative

Soon, 1 400 bins in apartment buildings in Växjö will only be emptied when needed. This is expected to result in an economic saving of five percent - and valuable experience on how to best coordinate the many actors involved.


All Recycling room in Höganäs go digital

Höganäshem is the first company in Sweden to make a full-scale effort to digitize all its Recycling room.


Bintel to prove that apartments can have smarter waste collection system

Green tech start-up Bintel, based in Lund, Sweden, wants to make all bins smarter by using a sensor that detects how full the bins are - making it possible to optimize waste collection.


New weapon against littering: smart bins

100 litter bins in the park are being fitted with new laser technology in a large-scale trial that could be replicated elsewhere in Gothenburg.


Swipe for container emptying

The metal recycler Järnmalmer in Gothenburg continues its innovative path and now offers a unique on-demand system for emptying its containers at its customers.


5000 bins will be connected

The project has been shown to reduce the number of times the bins are emptied by 40%. At the same time, the households involved in the test are very satisfied and feel that they themselves can influence and reduce their environmental impact.


Just in time

Almi invests in Bintel

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